Holland Lop Bunny Rabbit Diapers
Jeans looking fabric
lavender polka dot
Navy stars
Green flowers
construction on red background
Hello Kitty

Fabric Choices: 
completed diaper on my bunny
The diapers fits my holland lop bunny with a waist measurement of 13-14" when measured standing up right in front of their hind legs.  To be used with sanitary pads.  Holds your rabbits urine and "stool" while you enjoy holding your rabbit or having them out for short time.  NOT intended to be worn constantly or for use while in their cage.  Do not use without supervision.  Bunnies need access to some of their fecal to stay healthy.  
  Be sure to measure your rabbit BEFORE placing your order.  The diapers are made to fit a rabbit similar in size to the measurements of my rabbit (above).   I can NOT accept returns for the diapers or costumes for the safety of the animals due to parasites, etc.  I only sell new clothes that are never worn.  All Sales Are final.  It might take a few times putting the diapers or clothes/ costumes on your pet for them to get use to wearing something.  You can give treats, etc. to get them use to wearing something if needed.  Orders can not be cancelled after being placed since I start working on them right away and processing the labels, etc. so make sure you want the items before placing the orders.   
$18 each plus shipping