Guinea pig diaper suit is made to fit a guinea pig with similar measurements as my guinea pig.  Approx. 8-9" from back of ears to her bottom and waist measurements of 10-11".  If your guinea pig is similar measurements, the suit will stay on and be a comfortable fit.  To be used with sanitary pads.  Holds your guinea pig urine and "stool" while you enjoy holding your guinea pig or having them out for short time.  NOT intended to be worn constantly or for use while in their cage.  Do not use without supervision.  
Guinea pig diaper $17 Includes 1 diaper suit and 1 sanitary pad.
Gray diaper
Navy Diaper
ALL SALES ARE FINAL: US customers: you can pay through paypal (or credit card), check or money order.  Orders paid with a check are held 10 days for processing.  If paying with money order or paypal, please allow 5 days before order is shipped.  The link is the to the left for the order form if paying with check or money order through the mail.   Shipping to the USA only.

Guinea pig diapers       

Be sure to measure your guinea pig BEFORE placing your order.  The diapers are made to fit a guinea pig similar in size to the measurements of my guinea pig (above).  They will not fit a guinea pig that is young/small or a larger guinea pig.   I can NOT accept returns for the diapers or costumes for the safety of guinea pigs due to parasites, etc.  I only sell new clothes that are never worn.  All Sales Are final, orders can not be cancelled after being placed since I start working on them right away and processing the labels, etc.  It might take a few times putting the diapers or clothes/ costumes on your guinea pig for them to get use to wearing something.  You can give treats, etc. to get them use to wearing something if needed.   
Sports print diaper
Automobile diaper
Green Print Diaper